Hanna Rovina's Selfie [ Actress ]
Rachel Bluwstein [ Poet ] - Pop Art Style
Rachel Bluwstein [ Poet ] - Vintage Styles Vector
Selfie [ taken from my Graphic poem for Adobe ]
Selfie[ 2010 ]
Selfie [ 2006 ]
Illutration for the Department of Housing [ Let's play "Where's Wally" : spot Rasty the Grafitti Artist ] 
Film Poster for comedy. Two 70's pin-up stars, who as grannies, get swindled out of their pension, and decide to rob a bank.
Concept Art for Fashion show. Theme for Fashion show : Fashion in Retrospect  [ Vintage punk mixed with Alice in Wonderland type style ]
Proposed design for Arts Alive poster
Alek Wek Portrait 
100 years of Converse Competition - Entry [ Concept for girls like me - who hate heels ]
Self portrait - inspired by the "Freddy Mercury Sticker" from Telegram app
Thank you!

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